About Us

Treble radio rocks- Treble Radio Rocks covers a broad range of genres to include rock, alternative, classic rock and metal. Our goal is to support all types of various independent artists. From musicians, in the above mentioned musical genres, to authors as well as entertainers in the film and TV fields. We also enjoy having the most talented and sought after executives and production staff in the industry to share their knowledge with our listeners...not to mention a few good "road" stories.

Based in Northern California and broadcast from DJ's that span the globe you will receive a musical jolt that will set your day in motion, get those creative juices flowing or simply settle you into a relaxing state of mind. Welcome to Treble Radio Rocks.

Treble Radio Rocks is broadcast via a state of the art combination of "old school" studio gear and high end signal processing equipment. Culminating in a single stream that is broadcast via a specially designed "Internet Radio" console known as SAMS. This stream is "beamed" to our redundant servers located in New York and Atlanta and from there, the world! We have experienced amazing growth due to our loyal listeners who lock on at all hours of the day to enjoy the product that we broadcast. Yes, Treble Radio Rocks is 24/7, 365 days a year. Take a look...some of the countries that support us:


And that is just in the month of November 2012...so far!!!!

We can not forget...we are also streamed through iTunes under the "Radio Stations" group, Rock/Hard Rock sub-category. There is no end to your access but the most fun is to be had by dropping by this site and perusing what is going on for that particular day. Treble Radio Rocks is here every day waiting to provide you a pleasing experience. If you have suggestions or comments you may reach either Tanis or Elanna to e-mail your questions, concerns or ideas.